Women Men and Cheating in the Digital World
Most women today are well groomed. They are carefully made up, well-dressed, smell good, and look attractive, at least on the outside. Modern science and technology, along with the progress of the beauty industry, have allowed for this trend to happen. This is exactly why many married men double cross their wives. The marriage contract is outdated and irrelevant to our trendy and dynamic lifestyles. In the past, lifestyles were slower paced with less exposure to beautiful women outside home. Today is a different story. Many women look much younger than their biological age, thanks to cosmetics, facial treatments, and plastic surgeries. Many women also look more beautiful and attractive to men than they naturally are thanks to the makeup, the hair, and the fashion industries. And men are surrounded by women all the time. Many of those women are young, beautiful, smart, ambitious, and can also compete with men on equal grounds. This has certainly increased the level of friction between the genders and the accessibility to sex away from home. More in Beasts of Prey: The Hard Truth about Men