The Elephant

Hebrew Classic “The Elephant” by Alexander Kuprin
Translation: Orna Gadish
Illustrations: Michael Gonopolsky.
Printed in Tel-Aviv, 2008.

One of the greatest Russian classical writers (the school of Chekhov and Tolstoy): Alexandre Kuprin (1870-1938) created this must-read classic The Elephant for children and parents alike. This authentic unabridged classic tells the story of Nadia, a sick girl. Withered and bored she lies in her bed and won't recover. Until one day she dreams of an elephant; a real living circus creature. She wants this clumsy animal to visit her in her room. Will her parents take this challenge and make it happen for her? Will she get well? You will know better if you read the full story. Translation into Hebrew by Orna Gadish and impressive illustrations by Michael Gonopolsky.

Printed in Tel-Aviv in 2008.
Hard cover
8.5x 10.5 inches
40 pages